(IAAC) IAAC Submission

Observer                 : Rich Wells
Your skills              : Beginner
Date & UT of observation : 07th June, 1996, 01:33Z
Location                 : RTP, North Carolina, USA
Site classification      : Suburbs
Limiting mag(visual)     : 3.5
Seeing(from 1 to 5)      : 4
Moon up/phase            : None
Instrument               : 5" f/10 SCT
Magnification            : 31x 83x 167x
Filters used             : Skyglow/Ultrablock
Object                   : M57(NGC 6720)
Category                 : Planetary nebula
Constellation            : Lyra(Lyr)
Obect diameter           : 120"
RA/DE                    : 18h 53.6m  +33d 02m
Description : At 31x M57 was barely detected as a faint gray disk
              against the medium blue sky with no filter.
              At 83x, M57 was seen much easier and took on a slight
              ovular appearance with the center just barely visible
              using averted vision with no filter.
              At 83x with the Skyglow filter, the contrast was
              improved somewhat without additional detail.
              At 83x with the Ultrablock there was a lot more contrast.
              M57 was easily seen against the near black background
              with a larger central hole. Focusing was accomplished by
              looking at the object itself rather than nearby stars.
              At 167x it was next to impossible to focus M57 clearly
              with no filter.