Re^2: (IAAC) Automated submissions

Hi Lew,
> Sounds good, Bernhard! Will it run on the observer's machine and post email
> to the IAAC list, or run on your machine remotely & write to your ASCII
> database? Also, for people with Web access, how about a Web form for the
> same purpose? If this sounds worthwhile, we could probably work on it
> together. Thoughts?
It will run on the observer's machine. It will not POST the email, but it  
will create an ascii file that can be mailed later.
At the moment, the windows are designed and there is a window that lets  
you save your name, your skill, a list of five instruments and three sites  
- so you do not have to type in those informations when you create a new  
Later, it will read the ascii-files that I'll create and that can be ftp'd  
and let you browse all entries.
The program is part of a project I call CAOS (Computer Aided ObServation).  
Besides of making submissions easy, it - at the moment - shows local time,  
UT, JD, siderial time at greenwich and local siderial time.
bgrems@daheim.ping.at       - at home, preferred
nmd@teambbdo.co.at          - at work, official mails :-)
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