(IAAC) Re: IAAC - The Internet Amateur Astronomer's Catalogue

Bernhard-here's completed observation.  I just got a 70mm Tele Vue Ranger
and quite impressed with it.  I just with the weather would cooperate more!
Happy skyhunting!- Randy Yee
Observer: R. Yee
your skills: Beginner
Date and UT of observation: June 6, 1996 ; 4:01 UT
Location: State College, PA  USA
Site classification: Rural
Limiting magnitude (visual): 5
Seeing (from 1 to 5): 2
moon up/phase: No
Instrument: 70mm refractor f/6.8
Magnification: 64X (Plossl), 128X (Plossl w/barlow)
Filters used: None
Object: 39 Bootes
Category: Double Star
Constellation: Bootes
Object diameter: Sep. 2.9"; P.A. 45
RA/DE(2000): 14h 49.7m +48 43'
Description: Easy to find at the northern end of Bootes by starhopping
using the 40mm (Plossl) eyepiece at 12X.  It was barley resolved at 64X
using averted vision but very distinct at 128X.  These mag 6-7 stars looked
whitish and made a very nice looking pair.