(IAAC) M51 and a 4.5" APO at full moon!

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The weather here has been very lousy! My observing time has been
almost non-existent.Hope you are making out better! Attached is my
first submission to the IACC! How many submissions do you have to
date? Have you determined where it is you are going to keep these so
we can all look at them?
Clear skies,
// Rich Wells                             | Flying is life's
// IBM Microelectronics division          |    2nd biggest thrill...
// PowerPC Embedded Processor Development | Landing
// Research Triangle Park, NC             |    is the 1st!!!!!!
Observer                 : Rich Wells
Your skills              : Beginner
Date & UT of observation : 31st May, 1996, 01:51Z
Location                 : RTP, North Carolina, USA
Site classification      : Rural
Limiting mag(visual)     : 4.5
Seeing(from 1 to 5)      : 3
Moon up/phase            : Full
Instrument               : 4" f/5.4 APO refractor
Magnification            : 60x, 72x
Filters used             : None
Object                   : M51
Category                 : Galaxy
Constellation            : Canes Venatici(CVn)
Obect diameter           : 6' x 4'
RA/DE                    : 13h 29.9m  +47d 12m
Description : Moon was about 60 degress away
              At 60x, M51 was barely seen using averted vision and
              field motion.
              At 72x, M51 was easily seen as a large, nebulous cloud
              having an irregular, but ovalish shape oriented along
              a NW to SE direction.
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