Re: (IAAC) Negative Logs

Might I suggest that the negative log guidelines be posted
so we can refer to them in the future?
I certainly have one candidate--until recently I could not,
for the life of me, find M78. I knew I had the correct
field--I could see the pair of stars that are "embedded"
there--but I could not see the nebulosity.
This persisted across multiple instruments--a TV85, a
Celestron 8" Starhopper, a 10" LX200 and a 15" StarMaster.
It wasn't until I had delivered the StarMaster to its new
owner and we were observing at the GPSP that I finally
spotted that puppy. Yep, I checked the field, there were
those stars...and finally there was that nebula! Amazing
the difference between central NJ trapped between two light
domes and the relative dark of Kansas!
Fred Kiesche
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