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<< the answer I always give to that "problem" [discrepancies in catalogs] is a
 simple one: "Don't bother predicting - go out and try to see it!" :) >>
Hi Lew,
Well, I agree with you in principle. Especially if you're talking to an 
observer with a bit of experience behind him or her. As we all find out 
eventually, one of the secrets to successful observing (especially of faint 
objects) is a trained eye, and this is something that takes time to develop. 
While it's developing, you also learn to curb the overly optimistic 
expectations that you may have had when you entered the hobby.
Most of us have very limited time to actually spend out under the stars. And 
when we have the time we often don't have the weather (especially here in New 
England)! Or our favorite instrument (perhaps belonging to a club....or a 
friend.... :o).......may not be available when needed. So when planning an 
observing run, even after all the years I've been in this field, I still tend 
to consult various lists in order to select targets for the night. Beginners 
have virtually no choice but to do this, as it's all new territory for them. 
And that is why the discrepancies in the catalogs I noted earlier continue to 
"irk" me. One can spend quite a lot of time going after objects that are 
almost sure to disappoint. 
As more and more folks - like the membership of IAAC - contribute to our 
store of knowledge, we'll all end up with more reliable information at our 
Keep up the good work everyone!
Best Regards,
Doug Stewart
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