(IAAC) OT - No html mail please

Hello guys,
sorry for this off-topic post, but .. I observe an increasing number of
non-plain-text emails (mostly html) on this list. Could those contributers
concerned please try to configure their email clients so that they send
only "simple" or "plain" text (ascii) emails only?
Thanks in advance - would be a great seasonal present.
(I have learned this may be difficult for AOL 6.0 Windows users - btw,
I'd appreciate it to know if somebody took the effort to put online a
description for a workaround, in order to point concerned parties to this
- but there were rumors that even Outlook can be trimmed this way).
  Hartmut Frommert <spider@seds.org, http://www.seds.org/~spider/>
    Maintainer of the Messier pages at SEDS:  http://www.seds.org/messier/
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