Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC7048 - Inst: 200mm Newtonian F5

>In the eyepice this Nebula looked somewhat Fan Shaped, splaying out from the
>Star to it's south, but this must have been an illusion as imges downloaded
>show it to be circular, nevertheless, it looked this way at all 3 powers used.
Would it be possible you may have been looking at NGC 7008 here, Kim, and not
NGC 7048 like you thought? I've sure made this kind of mistake myself before!
(In one case, I made a really stupid misindentification, and it actually got
published in a Webb Society periodical... Oh, what a memory!)
On the other hand, always be careful when using photographs as a guide to what
your eyes might see! In my own humble experience, the "human's view", and that
through the lens will often be completely unrelated. After all, the human eye
and the film emulsion (or CCD chip) have very different sensitivies, and will
handle dynamic ranges in contrast and intensity very differently! This is one
reason why I think recording what *you* see (as opposed to what Hubble or the
Keck sees) really is worth while... If you're an artist, try sketching it. If
you aren't (and I am not, sadly), then send your log here. :)
BTW, there ARE good indications that NGC7048 looks very different at different
apertures, magnifications, and bandpasses. Take a look at these two other logs
about our Mystery Planetary, for comparison's sake!
Clear skies, Kim, and please keep sharing your intriguing logs with us!
Lew Gramer
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