(IAAC) A great big "THANK YOU" to the atmob.org 'List Elves'!!!

I just wanted to raise a short but rousing cheer for all those
people who kept our astronony fora running, during my absence.
And in particular, to shine a light on the individuals who were
tirelessly at work THROUGHOUT the insanely busy Leonid period:
Werfried Kuneth in Europe, and the USA's own Brewster LaMacchia,
who is not even a meteor observer himself, but has done more to
keep the 'meteorobs' and 'netastrocatalog' lists available for
our community over the years than ANYONE else - including me.
Also a warm and sincere thanks to Mark Davis who - despite his
having PNEUMONIA during the Leonids - continued to perform all
his volunteer duties both as Coordinator of the North American
Meteor Network, data recorder for the IMO, *and* as a List Elf
for 'meteorobs'. Mark's perseverance is an inspiration.
Thank you to all the elves, and especially Werfried and Mark.
And thanks from my heart to Brewster, for helping keep alive
my dream of an open, friendly, global online meteor community.
Clear skies everyone,
Lew Gramer
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