Re: (IAAC) Saturn Disappears!

In a message dated 11/30/01 7:48:55 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
AstronomerTed@aol.com writes:
<<This was a neat experience, and the scope is still out front with neighbors 
ready for Saturn's reappearance.
Good for you, Ted! I don't know where you are located, but here in New 
England we're socked in with light rain and fog. What a shame, as we had 
planned a big time watching the occultation at our observatory, Frosty Drew, 
in Charlestown, RI (www.frostydrew.org). Couldn't even open due to the gloomy 
weather. Oh well, we did have a spectacular night back on the 18th/19th 
observing the Leonids right up until sunrise!  :o)
I hope that many others caught tonight's occultation and that we'll see their 
Doug Stewart (albireo54@aol.com)
Frosty Drew Observatory
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