(IAAC) Saturn Disappears!

Well the weather forecast for my area didn't look so hot and about an hour ago I looked out and I couldn't see the moon.

5 Minutes prior to when the moon was supposed to go over top of saturn I looked up, and the moon was there!

I swear this was the fastest I've ever sat up my C8, It took me 3 minutes, and my mom timed me.

I slapped in an eyepiece and there the ringed planet was about 3 centimeters from the moon. Slowly but surely it covered up the ring, then the planets disk, then all that remained was its faint ring, and then nothing.

Well I also managed to rouse about 9 houses in my area and they all had a "quick" peak of the moon slowly approaching saturn!

This was a neat experience, and the scope is still out front with neighbors ready for Saturns reappearance.

It really helped several of my neighbors get a grasp of how things move in the solar system.

My mom and dad were impressed as well!

This is what I like about Astronomy, fun nights like this!

More in about an hour...

Ted A. Nichols II