Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC1647, M42 - Inst: Orion Optics UK 10" F4.8 Vixen GP/DX

"Questions Raised
How to locate M74?
How to locate comet WM1 linear 2001?
How many stars to the trapezium?
Questions Answered:
One of the best ways of locatinge DSO's is to get either a very good star Chart such as Uranometria 2000, or a good Piece of software such as Skymap pro8, (others will have their own preferences of course) in this way you can "Star hop" to fainter objects.
For the Comet Skymap is invaluable as it will give the precise position to the minute, also you could join the SPA, their latest newsletter has a track of the comet printed http://www.popastro.com/
The trapezium contains 4 main Stars, there are of course many more stars in the immedite vicinity, but the named asterism consists of 4.
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Kim Gowney.