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Dear Webb Society Topica List Members
I have just received the following information from Rob Carver who is having
problems posting this notice on the WebbSoc@topica.com. List Server.
I am not sure whether attachments can be placed on the server but will look
into it.
In the meantime, so as to not delay getting this info to you I am forwarding
Rob's message and attachment.
Tim (Webb Society Webmaster)
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> Hi Tim,
> I've been trying to circulate the following to the discussion group,
> but am having trouble with Topica sending to
> 'WebbSoc@topica.com'.
> Hi All,
> For all you southerners, there's a Super Nova in Hydrae that might
> be interesting to watch for a while. There is no online circular at CBAT's
> Website at the moment, but this is from the AAVSO...
> 0847-17  SUPERNOVA 2001fu IN MCG-03-23-11 (HYDRAE)
> We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
> (IAU Circular 7746) that W. D. Li reports the discovery by LOTOSS on
> unfiltered images taken with the Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope
> of an apparent supernova at approximate magnitude 15.1 on NOV 5.5 and
> 6.5 UT.
> The apparent supernova is located 25.1" west and 10.6" north of the
> nucleus of MCG-03-23-11 at:
>    R.A. = 8h 52m 16.58s   Decl. = -17 degrees 44' 29.8'  (2000)
> It's faint I know, but
> Here's a 15' x 15' finder....
>  <<SN2001FU-F.jpg>>
> Best Regards,
> Rob C
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