Well written logs (was RE: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 7000 ...)

Kim wrote;
>"Well written logs are the inspiration for the others to get their scopes out
and have a look for themselves!!"
This is certainly true. It happens to me all the time, I'll read a terrific log
and immediately print it out for the next new-moon weekend.
Having said this, I find that a few logs seem to simply re-state the classical
Dryer descriptions, and these are, well, dry. I mean, "pretty faint, pretty
small" doesn't make me want to pack up the scope and head for the hills. 
On the whole, however, I think that most of the folks who contribute here do a
creditable job, and I look forward to getting my e-mail every day. I think that
we will see even better descriptions here in the future, as people's observing
skills improve with time, and they start to see more. 
No substitute for experience, is there?
\Paul Alsing
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