(IAAC) RE: Art/Not art (was: NGC 7000 etc.)

Greetings to all !
Well it seems like my suggestion that sketching one's observations was not
art was badly received. OK, I admit that there is a form of art in there, as
to the style, AND that "still life" and "landscapes" pictures/paintings ARE
art indeed.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen Ronald Stoyan's murals, but I sure would be
very curious. Any picture of these online? URL please? Non-astronomically,
have you ever seen one of André Roger's murals? He was the fastest painter
in the world, and these were good looking, too... OK sorry for that OT
Rich, I would REALLY like to attend one of your workshops, hopefully some
day you'll come close to my hometown, for my money is not very abundant
(sometimes I seriously wonder what I'm doing in astronomy...) and I couldn't
travel alot... :-(
But what I think I really need is just a few nights of observing out in the
country. Since I don't have a car and my "dark"-sky site is no better than
about 4 on Bortle's scale, let's just say I can't see much, consequently not
draw much either. But I should be trying soon... hopefully...
Waiting for clouds to go away while my friends and I aren't working the next
day and there's no full Moon (sigh!)...
Pierre Paquette
Montréal (Québec)
Que les étoiles -et rien d'artificiel- brillent au bout de votre route
May the Stars -and Nothing Artificial- Shine Upon the End of Your Road
-----Original Message-----
Are pictures/paintings of "still life" or "landscapes" non-art?
Rarely do drawings look alike, even with similarly sized telescopes. I've
noticed certain types of style - for example its quite pronounced when
comparing German vs. American impressions.
As for 'works of art' - have you seen some of the large scale murals done by
Ronald Stoyan and company using white-on-black painting? Incredible murals
of M42 ( 1 x 2 _meters_), the Veil, the Gum, and M31 - these are truly works
of art not a simple exercise in copying.
I hope someday you will attend one of my many workshops on drawing at the
eyepiece where  I describe using proper values, tools, erasing technique and
so on.
- Rich Jakiel
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