RE: (IAAC) Lovely M56 [CCD images]

On October 5, 2001, 13:16, Steve Robinson (via Lew Gramer) wrote:
> Lyra's M56 is a globular that seems to lie a bit off the beaten track,
> though I am not sure why.  I imaged it last night, and was surpassed by
> it's intrinsic beauty.  To me, it's lovelier than M13 with it's
> non-symmetrical spindly arms. It appears also to be a smaller than M3.
> M3 lies out at about the same distance as M56 at 34LY.  It could be that
> M3 is just brighter. But no matter, both are astonishingly beautiful.
Steve / Lew :
Are you sure for the distance that it's not more like 34,000 LY ??? ;-)
Pierre Paquette
Montreal (Quebec)
Que les etoiles --et rien d'artificiel-- brillent au bout de votre route !
May the Stars --and Nothing Artificial-- Shine Upon the End of Your Road!
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