Re: (IAAC) Lovely M56 [CCD images]

Thanks for your kind comments.
My images are always (at least with the ST-9E) inverted (sough up), as
they are taken using a newtonian scope (2 mirror).  I will make this
known on the index page.  If you don't mind, I would like to include a
reference to this e-mail so that others can have access to the reports
for this object.
Lewis Gramer followed up:
>PS: By the way, with all my comments about the propensity of astroimagers
>to overexpose in the interests of a mistaken aesthetics, I realize that I
>am probably "preaching to the choir" here on IAAC... So I wonder if this
>thread might be profitably taken up (by others!) on the CCD email lists?
I put a similar message out onto the SBIG forum and got a suggestion
back that my stars looked grey, and that more contrast would help.  I
took up the suggestion and tried it, on the M56 image, but the result
wasn't to my taste.  I think you make a good point about under-exposing
the image.  I am glad my images were to your liking.
And Michael Deneen also followed up:
>I click on the M1 thumnail and get directed to
> http://www.highenergyastro.com/deepsky.html, which gives me an error
>page. How are you folks seeing this image?
This is my wonderful space provider telling you to try again a bit
later.  I may have generated too many page references to their liking.
This image has been well received.
Steve Robinson
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