Re: (IAAC) Lovely M56 [CCD images]

I click on the M1 thumnail and get directed to http://www.highenergyastro.com/deepsky.html, which gives me an error page. How are you folks seeing this image? 
On Fri, 05 October 2001, Lew Gramer wrote:
> I enjoyed your images, Steve! One common problem that visual observers face is
> having access to images which will even vaguely match what they are likely to
> see. (Note that I didn't say "images which will show ONLY what they are likely
> to see"! The truth is that most published and online astroimages actually fail
> to show much detail which can be visible through an eyepiece! This is just one
> reason why I enjoy taking detailed visual observing logs... ;>)
> Your images of M56, M3 and NGC4656 among others, seem to delicately balance
> depth of exposure over the whole area of each object, to account for a wide
> dynamic range of brightness which is inherent in most deep sky objects. Thus
> they give intriguing clues to observers of what to look for with their eyes!
> In this way, your images are similar to some of the perfectly UNDERexposed
> photographs published by Dr. Jack Newton in his earlier works.
> As an exmple of this, visual observer Todd Gross notes a "snake of stars"
> looping across and out of the core of M56, in an 18" reflector:
>     http://www.visualdeepsky.org/logs/msg01359.html
> Todd doesn't note the direction of this star snake. (Nor do you indicate
> the orientation of your images, something you might like to include with
> your fine, extensive comments for each image.) So it's tough to tell for
> sure whether your image captures this feature or not. But there is quite
> good-seeming candidate chain of stars in your image for this feature!
> Wes Stone further notes in a log with an 11" SCT, that the "Most condensed
> portion of the cluster seems to be elongated N-S and displaced to the SE":
>     http://www.visualdeepsky.org/logs/msg00073.html
> An impression of this feature also can be drawn from your image of M56!
> Finally, my friend Steve Clougherty and I noted (with his 17.5" Obsession)
> a most intriguing feature in this cluster just last Spring: a "dust-lane"
> cutting from NE toward the center of this (obviously dust-free) object!
>     http://www.visualdeepsky.org/logs/msg02301.html
> Although this feature is difficult to discern (and impossible to confirm,
> without image orientation information), it also seems to be shown on your
> fine image of M56 - cutting diagonally across the lower 1/3 of the core.
> Thanks again for sharing your images with us on the Web, Steve!
> Clear skies,
> Lew Gramer
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