(IAAC) Variable stars in M13

Hi All:
Excuse me for my poor english, but I estudy only french...
I’ m a spanish amateur (member of the Spanish Association of
Variabilist, A.V.E.), I  have a MEADE SC-203 mm f: 10, CCD (Starlight
Xpress MX5, 12 bits), and filters (B, V y R Johnson) for to make
photometry and colorimetry in clusters.
I would like work in variable star in gobular clusters; now I study 26
stars in M13 (variables, suspected and nonvariable stars) in V light for
to make their light curves (e.g. cepheid V2, RR Lyr V5 and red
I was elaborate a visual chart CCD (preliminary) with all the stars with
magnitudes V, for this use for others amateurs.
Somebody can help my in this theme?, Somebody would be interested to see
this chart?
Dark skies...
Francisco A. Violat Bordonau
Cáceres (España)
Miembro de la “Asociación de Variabilistas de España” (A.V.E.)
E-mail: VIOLAT@olanet.net
Mi páginas personales: www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/6524/
Mis páginas sobre CCD: www.astrored.org/doc/ccd
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