Re: Laptops in the field (was Re: (IAAC) Re: Uranometria)

>If'n I was you, I would not knock it till you've tried it. And I'll try
and do the same. :)>
Jeff, I'm really not "knocking it" nor trying to put anybody down for
using laptops. And, you are 100% correct that laptops don't have much to
do with speed.
 Fact of the matter is that I do much of my observing from the grounds
of an observatory here in Rhode Island and do have access to it's Meade
LX- 200, 16 inch telescope that is hooked up to a computer that can
located about 6 Zillion objects in the course of a clear night. Bottom
line is that the most enjoyable nights I have are the ones that I
struggle to find "stuff" with a chart in hand with  our 8 inch dob. When
I get tired it takes about five minutes to pack then I am on my way
I guess I come from the School that believes that the basic tools in the
hands of somebody who has a little knowledge can go a long way.(
emphasis on little ) Just my opinion, everybody else is free to do as
they please.
Stars in your eyes,
Barry Martasian
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