(IAAC) Laptops in the field (was: Uranometria)

I noticed you used the past tense, Jeff . . .  :-)
Seriously though, dewing is a bit of a problem at our club site.  Several
people use laptops extensively to reference charting software or to drive
their scopes.  We have AC power available at our pads so the laptops are
able to run all night without having to go into suspend mode to save power.
The heat produced by the laptop during normal operation seems to be
sufficient to keep dew from forming.
Jeff is correct about the TFT screens being backlit by white light.  I
generally keep my laptop in a cardboard box (turned on its side) to block
stray light from the TFT screen.  The screens are also very bright.  They
are designed to be used during the day, not during the night.  Multiple
layers of red gel or a layer of red gel sandwiched to a layer of window
tinting will help dim the screen.
Clear (and Dark) Skies,
Mark Babik
Dallas, Texas USA
3248'N  9644'W  157m
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. . . That was a 266mhz Latitude.
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