Re: Laptops in the field (was Re: (IAAC) Re: Uranometria)

Hi All,
If we are off topic, please tell me to 'shut up!'. :)
My laptop, and every TFT laptop I've seen, is backlit by white light. Or at
least let me state for a fact the HP and Dell TFT displays are. So no matter
what color is displayed on the screens you _still_ get ton's white light.
And both my old Dell and more recently my HP can not be turned down
sufficiently to prevent ruining my dark adaptation even if they were to only
put out red light. So I place three layers of red "rubylith" plastic over
the screen then turn down the brightness as far as it will go. I then change
SkyMap Pro to black and white mode. This makes the entire setup quite useful
as bother no one else either.
Now in SoCal where I live, dew is not a 'huge' problem. Out in the desert
near Palomar where I observe, dewing occurs mostly in the late Fall and
early Winter months. So dew is not a big concern. Were I back in my old
haunts in my home town of Rochester NY, I'd make a cardboard box to place
the computer in to keep dew off as it can be very humid there. (Though were
I there I'd be staring at clouds most of the time making the point moot!<g>)
As I side note on Dell laptops: That Dell laptop of mine worked great even
when the dew fell, then as the night wore on, the dew froze! And it still
kept going. That was a 266mhz Latitude.
Clear, dark, quiet skies...
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