Re: (IAAC) Uranometria

> But I seriously wonder why there are new editions of Sky Atlas 2000.0 and
> Uranometria. For a textbook, it's normal, since things can change, like
> example our understanding of the nuclear fusion processes in a star's
> But for an atlas... They're all for epoch 2000.0, so what changes so
There are more DSOs plotted in the new Uranometria, and they have been
checked against the DSS.  This means that objects should be more accurately
placed (i.e. where they really are as opposed to their positions as listed
in some catalogue).  The new atlas layout should make it easier to use, too.
> Finally, could I ask what a "binned-star" is? I guess that it's all mags.
> together like mag. 3-4 are one size, mag. 4-5 another size, etc.
Most atlases are whole magnitude binned.  That means that a stars from
magnitude 1.50 to magnitude 2.49 get the same dot size, but a star of 2.49
and 2.50 get a different dot sizes.  Really annoying.
Clear skies,  Sue
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