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Greetings from someone new to the list !

I do agree that "I don't buy a new atlas everytime one comes out", though I think that being an owner of the Millennium Star Atlas, I don't really need another one... <g>

But I seriously wonder why there are new editions of Sky Atlas 2000.0 and Uranometria. For a textbook, it's normal, since things can change, like for example our understanding of the nuclear fusion processes in a star's core. But for an atlas... They're all for epoch 2000.0, so what changes so much???

Is it to justify the new edition that they add more stars by reaching a deeper magnitude? <g>

Finally, could I ask what a "binned-star" is? I guess that it's all mags. together like mag. 3-4 are one size, mag. 4-5 another size, etc.


Pierre Paquette
Montréal (Québec)

Que les étoiles --et rien d'artificiel-- brillent au bout de votre route !
May the Stars --and nothing artificial-- shine upon the end of your road !

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> I for one don't need to buy a new atlas everytime one comes out. I like my
> old Uranometria and DSFG thank you.

Ah, but the stars aren't binned in the new one!  I hate the unrealistic look
of a binned-star atlas.

Clear skies,  Sue

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