Re: (IAAC) Uranometria

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Lew Gramer wrote:
> Here's a discussion point for our readers: Is the companion Field Guide worth
> owning? Even among those who swear by the old Uranometria, as either a desktop
> or a field observing aid, there are many who consider the old Field Guide to be
> somewhat unnecessary. What do our expert readers think: Is it worthwhile at
> these prices, to round out the complete NEW set by getting the Field Guide?
Well, maybe the DSFG is an extra add-on - which may be the reason that it
came some time later than the original atlas. If you have other references
(e.g. software) it is not absolutely needed, in particular for pure
observation (there are many lists available now listing the U2000 page
numberss). However, I think it is one rather good reference - and
certainly the only one which was made for use with U2000 [I have always
considered this a good ref also independent of U2000]. At least it has
reasonable visual magnitude data and such which are rarely found
Of course, I cannot really comment as long as I have not seen a copy of
this work. Anyway, I'll probably go and get my copy of all 3. Although the
price is probably still discouraging for a number of amateurs, but
compare ...
Best wishes, Hartmut
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