Cone Nebula (was Re: (IAAC) new drawings)

Mark Birkmann asked:
>Does anyone know the proper identifier for the come nebula?
>I've seen it referred to as ngc 2264 and ldn 1613.
Jeff Bondono's 'dObjects' deep-sky database contains THREE entries with the
common name "Cone nebula" - one for the Christmas Tree cluster, and one for
the diffuse BRIGHT nebula which surrounds the Cone:
First, the dark nebula:
"ldn1613=Cone dn"
Then the bright nebula:
"n2264=Cone gn=Conus gn=sh2-273=lbn76"
And here's the open cluster:
"n2264=cr112=mel49=S Mon oc=HV-27=HVIII-5=Cone gn=Christmas Tree oc..."
It seems NGC 2264 refers to the whole complex of objects, the OC, the emission
nebulosity, and the dark nebulosity. But if you need a unique designation for
the dark nebula, I would think the Lynd dark nebula number (1613) is best!
BTW, it seems a little strange that Barnard failed to include this wee sinuous
sky-blot in his famous DN catalog: could any of our readers who know more about
catalog history, tell us why it may have been left out? It surely couldn't have
been beyond the eyes of the greatest visual deep-sky observer of his age...
Clear skies,
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