Re: (IAAC) (WebbSoc) Observations of Feinstein 1? Roslund 1?

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Lew and others -
Regarding Feinstein 1 and Roslund 1, some time ago I had checked for the
existence of these objects on the DSS.
Feinstein 1 appears to be a large scattering of stars, at G. Lynga's Lund
Catalogue (1987) position, of (2000.0) 11 06 -59 48.  It seems to show up
best on a large field of view DSS image (e.g. 1 degree or bigger) using a
histogram equalization display - not because it's stars are particularly
faint, but because it stands out better as a "nebulous" object with such a
display.  The discovery paper for this cluster (the only Feinstein cluster)
is: Feinstein, Alejandro [1964].  ``A Group of Stars Around the Helium
star HD 96446,'' _The Observatory_ no. 84, pp. 111-117, June.
For Roslund 1, checking against Roslund's position and diameter, I 
measured a position of (2000.0) 19 45 06 +17 35.0, and noted that it 
appears to be just a condensation of stars in a rich Milky Way field.
The discovery paper for the 7 Roslund clusters is: Roslund, C. [1960].
``Remarks on some new and some known galactic clusters,'' _Publications
of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific_, 72, pp. 205-207.
As Brian Skiff has noted in a separate e-mail, it seems unlikely these are
true clusters (physical associations of stars).  As he also says, it would
be a good project for someone or a small group of folks to check these and
many other clusters to see if they're real, using e.g. the Tycho II star
catalogue to check the star colors and proper motions.
Brent Archinal
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