Re: (IAAC) Observations of Feinstein 1? Roslund 1?

I checked the DSS image of Roslund 1, apart from it being extremely busy due to its location I couldn't make anything out from the dense background of stars, I am unable to find any info on it apart from it's location (Skymap Pro7 SAC database)
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Subject: (IAAC) Observations of Feinstein 1? Roslund 1?

According to the "Southern Cross" newsletter, of the Canberra
[Australia] Astronomical Soc.: "Scan about a degree directly
south [of magnificent Dunlop 323 / NGC 3532], and the loose,
sprawling cluster of Feinstein 1 swims into view. About 25'
across, it comprises mag. 7 and fainter stars arrayed around
a very rough E-W oval shape with a depleted centre."

Has anyone observed this obscure-but-bright OC in NE Carina?

If so, please share your observation with our IAAC Web archive:

Here are the data according to Jeff Bondono's dObjects database:
    1106.0-5948;oc;=feinstein1=;S;4.7 6.55m*;;IV 2 p

I mainly direct this to our Equatorial Belt and Southern readers,
although it certainly might have been a Winter Star Party [FL USA]
target for some of our Northern observers... Sue, if I recall, you
have a passion for observing the first object in every catalog? :)

A more appropriate (and timely) target for Northerners may be the
open cluster Roslund 1, in Sagitta. Here is its dObjects entry:
    1945.1+1731;oc;=Roslund1=;u;;3;III 2 p

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

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