RE: (IAAC) Observations of Feinstein 1? Roslund 1?

Hello Lew,
Here are annotations in my Notebook about NGC3532:
08 April 1974. ... To the south in Carine I explored the cluster of brigth
stars beside theta Carinae. Six degrees to the north I saw NGC3532 as a
tight cluster of more than 50 weak stars in a circle 20' diameter.era un
grupo apretado de estrellas débiles even when the Donald H. Menzel Guide
says it has more than 130 stars in 60' diameter. [Using my 60 mm refractor].
12 April 1974. ... I found a mistake in my observation of April 8th. I am
sure that I was looking to NGC3766 and not NGC3532. Today I positively saw
NGC3532 wich really seems to have at least 150 stars in a 1º diameter. [60
mm refractor].
08 Feb 1997. ... Following to the west I found around 3:15 am the cluster
NGC3532, with more than 50 stars spreading in the 20 mm eyepiece (some 0.5º
in my 60 mm refractor).
01 April 2000. ... Looking with the C8 and 40mm (50x) NGC3532 (C91) is an
astounding object with more than 200 faint stars with an UFO form, four
brighter stars in the middle and a big deal of stars in the backdrop. My 60
mm refractor shows some more than 50 stars with the 10 mm eyepiece [80x].
This object is very dense and tight.
01 July 2000. ...I passed to the cluster C91 (NGC3532) to the north of
theta Carinae. It occupies the whole 17 mm eyepiece and has an amazing
amount of stars, around 200 spread in all the field.
20 Jan 2001. ...[Looking near the beach, at no more than 500 meters above
the sea level] NGC3532 has some more than 100 stars in a 55' with the 26mm
eyepiece in the LX200 [10 inch at 96x].
Saludos to all.
Celso Montalvo.
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Subject: (IAAC) Observations of Feinstein 1? Roslund 1?
> According to the "Southern Cross" newsletter, of the Canberra
> [Australia] Astronomical Soc.: "Scan about a degree directly
> south [of magnificent Dunlop 323 / NGC 3532], and the loose,
> sprawling cluster of Feinstein 1 swims into view. About 25'
> across, it comprises mag. 7 and fainter stars arrayed around
> a very rough E-W oval shape with a depleted centre."
> Has anyone observed this obscure-but-bright OC in NE Carina?
> If so, please share your observation with our IAAC Web archive:
>     http://www.visualdeepsky.org/enter-log.html
> Here are the data according to Jeff Bondono's dObjects database:
>     1106.0-5948;oc;=feinstein1=;S;4.7 6.55m*;;IV 2 p
> I mainly direct this to our Equatorial Belt and Southern readers,
> although it certainly might have been a Winter Star Party [FL USA]
> target for some of our Northern observers... Sue, if I recall, you
> have a passion for observing the first object in every catalog? :)
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