Re: (IAAC) M11

Great report, Steve. Moments like that are priceless.
>September 1, 2001
>After months of using the NGT-18, I broke out the venerable C8, and mounted
>it on its pier.  Last night was the first clear night for quite a while, and
>the sky was pretty transparent.  To top it all off, my daughter, son-in-law,
>and her three girls were with us for the evening.  After our Bar-B-Que all
>were clamoring for me to get out the telescope.  So I did.
>Got my first peek at M11 this year.  I put the Nagler 20 into the holder,
>and focused down into a clear sharp view.  Nice.  The bright foreground
>stars seemed to herald the wonderful vision to follow, that mighty cloud of
>midgets from M11!
>Stephanie, my 6-year-old granddaughter sat on my lap and looked into the
>eyepiece, and just sat there for about a minute.  Then I noticed her finger
>tapping at the air.  I couldn't figure out what she was doing for a moment,
>then it came to me.  She was counting stars.
>She quietly looked for maybe 10 minutes.
>The other kids had come out and looked for a few seconds, then wanted to
>know about the red flashlight, or what this or that thing was, but my little
>astronomer was caught up in the main show.  What wonderful moments of
>recognition; I remember my first view through the telescope.  I didn't want
>to give it up either.
>A half-hour later, the mighty midgets had danced behind a rising moonbeam,
>and my daughter was starting the drumbeat to march her family home for a
>night of counting sheep, or maybe stars.
>What a satisfying evening I had had.
>Clear Skies and magic to you,
>Steve Robinson
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