(IAAC) PNe information

As a follow up to some of these posts on PPNe and PNe people like might to
look for some more sources of information that actually either discuss's
this stuff or puts some theory out there. The first book, although old now,
is the Webb Scoiety Deep Sky Observers Handbook Vol 2 where some PPNe work
was dicussed almost 25 years ago now. It is worth picking up second hand if
you see it. For a lay introduction the recently published Cosmic
Butterflies by Sun Kwok (CUP) gives lots of pretty pictures and a
non-technical guide to what is currently known. For those with some maths
and physics the same author has The Orgin and Evolution of Planetary
Nebulae, also by CUP, which is close to a bible. Much of this book requires
college maths but some is understandable without it. The last book is
Physics and Dynamics of Planetary Nebulae by Guradzyan. This book has many
errors but a nice set of discussions on how he thinks PNe form.
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