Re: (IAAC) Obj: M33, Pinwheel Galaxy - Inst: XT-8 1200mm f:6 dob

M33 really repays observation on the clearest night you get. With an 8" you
should be able to begin to pick up the spiral structure. The secret is a
high enough power (but not too high; for galaxies 240X is optimum in my 20")
and averting the vision, imagination and anything else you can avert. You
should certainly be able to see the bright HII region with its own NGC
number(which I do not haveto hand). Look for the other fainter 'bright'
regions of the spiral arms. Hunt around on the net for some amateur images
of M33 at not too high resolution and compare the postions of the arms with
field stars shown on the photos which are bright enough to see in your
scope. One or two printouts might help with this. The SEDS messier website
would be a good start point. Armed with these try a careful search at the
telescope spending a good long time studying the object. A dark hood also
helps though I am bound to say I usually commit the heresy of closing one
eye and shading round the other with a hand. It is worth the effort for the
feeling of achievement but beware of seeing with the mind and not the eye.
>This is exactly my impression of M33, having seen it in a 6" Dob w/o 
>the moon. This fall I will finally get a chance for it in my 8" SCT 
>(right now it is still behind the house, when it isn' behind the 
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