Re: (IAAC) Obj: IC 1296 - Inst: 200mm Newt F5

Hi Steve,
<<Where I live, I would never even attempt to visually detect that one.  I 
have an 18" and I wouldn't.  >>
That is frustrating, having so many lights around! (Like my yard in MA). We 
routinely spot IC 1296 in our club's 16" LX200, but we are in an isolated 
park on south coastal RI, where we often enjoy 6.0 skies or better. The 
magnitude 15.7 star on the west edge of M57 is normally visible on moonless 
nights, as is the central star in the ring itself. IC 1296 is not difficult 
to see under those conditions, but I recall looking for it once with a 12" 
SCT under 5.0 skies and having no luck at all. 
Doug S.
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