(IAAC) Fwd: New Planetary Nebulae website

A new website from IAAC contributor Dave Aucoin: a very ambitious and
interesting new site, Dave! Thanks for putting the work into it.
BTW, Dave, the Abell catalog table would not display properly for me,
on any of the browsers I tried - UNIX & NT Netscape, NT IE. It shows
up as one long column of data, rather than as a table.
Forwarded without permission of the author. Clear skies!
Lew Gramer
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From: Dave Aucoin <deepskydave@hotmail.com>
Just thought you might like to look at my website that I just published this 
weekend. I am trying to make it easier for people with medium sized scopes 
to enjoy hunting down obscure planetaries.
I am dealing with the Abell planetaries first. Then I will deal with the 
other obscure SEC PNe next. I looked at Eric Honeycutt's site and got some 
good ideas. I liked his Abell table so much, I made my own with some 
improvements (not a copy either).
It is at:
Hope you enjoy it.
Dave Aucoin
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