(IAAC) Further feedback on http://visualdeepsky.org

Thank you for the fast feedback, John. It is really appreciated.
John Medica wrote regarding the new visualdeepsky.org site:
>This might sound odd, but yellow over black doesn't work well.
>Correction: Yellow over white, in your "Catalog" option button.
>I'm having a hard time reading the options.
Thanks for the clarification on this one. I wondered, as people
generally seem to like the yellow-text-on-starry-background color
scheme for the primary contents. But I agree with you - on UNIX
Netscape for example, the buttons on all forms show up as yellow-
on-light-grey, which I do not like the look of. And also, I have
some complaints about my "visited links" color: dark red against
the starry background can be hard to read in that small font!
So I have just now updated the color scheme on visualdeepsky.org,
as well as adding several more links, e.g., to the Bortle Scale.
PLEASE give it another look, folks, and email me your reactions?
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer
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