Re: (IAAC) Obj: 61 Cyg (Struve2759, Piazzi's Flying Star) - Inst: 70mm f/6.8 Pronto altaz refractor

Dave Mitsky schrieb:
> Lew Gramer wrote:
> > Description:
> > I rarely observe objects for their historical signifi-
> > cance, not because I'm uninterested but only due to a
> > lack of detailed knowledge about astronomical history!
Well you certainly know ways to face this mishap ;-))
> > But tonight I had the benefit of a fellow observer's
> > extensive reading and memorizing, to be able to view
> > the first star ever to have a proper motion measured;
> > also a star whose proper motion is the largest known,
> > at a breathtaking 5.2" per year; and what's yet more,
> > a binary whose wobble indicates the probable presence
> > of a planetary system around the pair!
> At 10.29 arc seconds per year I believe Barnard's Star has the largest
> known proper motion.  
Yup, but 61 has the bonus historical evidence to be the first to have
its parallax/distance determination published (by Bessel - Vega's had
been measured previously by one of those Struves but not published).
Btw, I'm not aware that 61 was the first with its pm measured; wasn't
these some brighter stars, measured by Halley around 1700 ?
Clear skies, Hartmut
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