Re: (IAAC) Re: [Planetary_Nebulae] Megastar or The Sky..and at the scope

I can second Gary's opinion of MegaStar though I don't use it in quite the
same way.  I've never taken a computer in the field with me but I have used
charts produced with MegaStar to locate several objects (e.g., Sky Atlas
2000 - either edition - doesn't have the entire Herschel 400 on it).
MegaStar has dozens of catalogs in it.  I use in extensively at home to plot
observing lists.  I also use it to produce charts which I use to accompany
articles in our club newsletter.  It's a very versatile, useful tool indeed.
Clear skies,
Don Clouse
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>I am slightly (!) biased but....
>after working with Emil for many months getting the support built in
>for the interface to the Tnagent boxes (NGCMax and the like) I find
>Megastar to be invaluable AT the scope! If you can hitch up one of
>these boxes and have a laptop at the computer you will find a new
>world of objects to look at. How many times have you looked at an
>object - then gone home and pulled up a rich program (like Megastar)
>and THEN saw what was only 0.5 degr to the right or just below the
>object - "Damn... had I known THAT was there I could have taken the
>time to look for it". Megastar has one GREAT advantage (actually
>many) over the rest - it shows the DSO's in actual position, size,
>AND shape! No one else comes close to this. You can cruuuissse around
>the North American Nebulae or see the smaller clouds that exist IN
>BETWEEN the 2 common segments of the Veil.... and on and on. Some of
>the features I asked for and Emil added were a Zoom capability that
>is selectable by the space bar (this is great when using a RF
>wireless trackball that has assignable buttons), information that is
>detailed and readily available AND viewable as you can set the font
>size and type (I am 8' away on my ladder!). A local Sync capability
>that increases the local accuracy manyfold. And on and on. Emil is
>currently working on the next rev... in it he plans on adding support
>for my just released Servo GOTO card set. With this I will be
>smoooothly (and quietly) viewing the sky at high power as it should
>biased...me....no .... Megastar is THE ONE!
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