(IAAC) NEW WEBSITE NOW ONLINE: http://www.visualdeepsky.org

Please update your bookmarks! The new IAAC site is now online at:
I have added to and updated the "What is Deep Sky - Links" section
extensively, and you can now browse the Archive of Observing Logs
(and the discussion archive) in real time! [Our archive stands at
2666 observations of 1465 objects, and continues to grow with many
large- and small-telescope observations from around the globe...]
Keyword searches in both the observing log and discussion archives
are now available once again as well.
Please browse our new site, and email me privately with any issues
or suggestions. Thank you for your continued interest and support
of the Internet Amateur Astronomers Catalog of Deep Sky Observations.
Lew Gramer
Webmaster: http://www.visualdeepsky.org
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