(IAAC) Re: [Planetary_Nebulae] Megastar or The Sky..and at the scope

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>   Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 18:31:37 -0000
>   From: GMYERS2@carolina.rr.com
>Subject: Re: Megastar or The Sky..and at the scope
I am slightly (!) biased but....
after working with Emil for many months getting the support built in 
for the interface to the Tnagent boxes (NGCMax and the like) I find 
Megastar to be invaluable AT the scope! If you can hitch up one of 
these boxes and have a laptop at the computer you will find a new 
world of objects to look at. How many times have you looked at an 
object - then gone home and pulled up a rich program (like Megastar) 
and THEN saw what was only 0.5 degr to the right or just below the 
object - "Damn... had I known THAT was there I could have taken the 
time to look for it". Megastar has one GREAT advantage (actually 
many) over the rest - it shows the DSO's in actual position, size, 
AND shape! No one else comes close to this. You can cruuuissse around 
the North American Nebulae or see the smaller clouds that exist IN 
BETWEEN the 2 common segments of the Veil.... and on and on. Some of 
the features I asked for and Emil added were a Zoom capability that 
is selectable by the space bar (this is great when using a RF 
wireless trackball that has assignable buttons), information that is 
detailed and readily available AND viewable as you can set the font 
size and type (I am 8' away on my ladder!). A local Sync capability 
that increases the local accuracy manyfold. And on and on. Emil is 
currently working on the next rev... in it he plans on adding support 
for my just released Servo GOTO card set. With this I will be 
smoooothly (and quietly) viewing the sky at high power as it should 
biased...me....no .... Megastar is THE ONE!
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