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Lew just want you to know I appreciate your efforts and enjoy the site with the observations and your comments.....Bob McAlister 
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Subject: (IAAC) List Admin Out of Town 10-19 August!

Yet again this week, I'm flying off to parts unknown (well, OK, the Florida
Keys), to set up camp on the searing sands for the Perseids. And this is, as
usual, just when the lists need me most! As always, if any problems arise in
the next week which need my attention, PLEASE BE PATIENT: I will resolve all
such issues as soon as I can after my return on 20 August.


PLEASE NOTE: I'd like to ask for volunteers from our respective readerships
this year: Is anyone familiar with the operation of a Majordomo mailing list,
who would be willing to help out with any of our lists if any minor problems
arise during the week of 10-19 August? Some training in Majordomo is possible
as well, if you happen to volunteer today (Wednesday)!

The duties are light (although the mail volume WON'T be light!): in the case
of the 'meteorobs' list, they mostly just include subscribing newcomers who
are dying to know about the Perseids, but can't get on for some reason - and
then of course, turning around and unsubscribing many of the same newcomers
a short time later, when they become overwhelmed with email meteor reports!

For the other two lists, the assistant's duties are even lighter, of course.

Also, we already have one (lone) List Elf in place for each of the 3 lists.
So if you volunteer, you will not be alone! Instead, we're looking more for
"Apprentice Elves" than master admins. Please contact me PRIVATELY at the
following addresses if you are able and willing to help us out this month:

  owner-meteorobs@atmob.org, owner-netastrocatalog@atmob.org, owner-nsaac@nsaac.org

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer and the "Elves"

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