Re: (IAAC) Changing the long name for IAAC?

While Lew's and your propositions seem fine to me (_no_ strong feelings,
thus), I'd think about considering www.netastrocatalog.org despite its
length .. but just the most important thing, from my point of view, is the
Hartmut Frommert
On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Dave Mitsky wrote:
> Lew Gramer wrote:
> > snip
> >
> > I am strongly considering 'www.visualdeepsky.org'. This is somewhat long, but
> > it IS shorter than 'netastrocatalog'... What's more, I believe that it seemed
> > to better capture the essence of our particular focus within the larger hobby.
> That's as good a name as any.  A somewhat shorter alternative might be
> www.deepskylog.org.
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