Re: (IAAC) Changing the long name for IAAC?

Lew Gramer wrote:
> snip
> I am strongly considering 'www.visualdeepsky.org'. This is somewhat long, but
> it IS shorter than 'netastrocatalog'... What's more, I believe that it seemed
> to better capture the essence of our particular focus within the larger hobby.
> Do any of our readers have any strong feelings pro or con on this naming? This
> would necessitate changing all your Address Book entries for our email address,
> as well as your Bookmarks for our Observation archive and informational site.
> Please feel free to share any reactions with me... Till then, clear skies all,
> --
> Lew Gramer
> owner-meteorobs@atmob.org
> owner-netastrocatalog@atmob.org
> owner-nsaac@nsaac.org
That's as good a name as any.  A somewhat shorter alternative might be
Dave Mitsky
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