Re: (IAAC) Changing the long name for IAAC?

Thanks, Lew. Even though my mail program wrapped the lines, the link 
did work. I think that when the time comes, I will be able to edit my 
bookmarks (on several computers) appropriately.
Clear skies!
>  >Will this have any impact on our personal web-based posting forms?
>Thanks for mentioning that, William! Yes, if you have entered a list
>of your own "default" values for the Enter Log form, and saved it as
>a bookmark, you would need to update that bookmark in your browser!
>(William, you are such a frequent contributor, you would definitely
>want to do the following! But as with any aspects of our IAAC list,
>if any of you encountered problems, I could of course try to help.)
>For example, let's say that you had created a bookmark with the URL
>shown below, to contain all your "usual" values for observing site,
>telescope used, magnifications used, filters, etc, etc. (You could
>actually try following this link, if your mailer doesn't chop this
>URL up into multiple lines! But really it's just an illustration.)
>You would have to go in to your "Bookmark Properties" Editor (or to
>"Organize Favorites" if you use Internet Explorer), and change the
>URL above instead to be:
>Clear skies, and thanks for the feedback, William!
>Lew Gramer
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To stop receiving all 'netastrocatalog' lists, use the Web form at: