(IAAC) Changing the long name for IAAC?

We are planning a move to a dedicated Web site for our IAAC deep-sky observing
list very soon. In concert with that move, it has been suggested that we change
our email list name - and thus the eventual website's domain name. This could
have many positive effects - not least of which, making it easier to convince
those unfamiliar with our list that we are NOT any sort of on-line purchasing
'catalog', and that we have no desire to "spam" anyone about anything.
I am strongly considering 'www.visualdeepsky.org'. This is somewhat long, but
it IS shorter than 'netastrocatalog'... What's more, I believe that it seemed
to better capture the essence of our particular focus within the larger hobby.
Do any of our readers have any strong feelings pro or con on this naming? This
would necessitate changing all your Address Book entries for our email address,
as well as your Bookmarks for our Observation archive and informational site.
Please feel free to share any reactions with me... Till then, clear skies all,
Lew Gramer
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