(IAAC) 'netastrocatalog-announce' vs. 'netastrocatalog'

Just a short reminder folks: when replying to an IAAC observing log,
please be sure that the address 'netastrocatalog@atmob.org' does NOT
appear on either your "To:" or "Cc:" lines. This address is meant to
be used only for actual deep-sky observing logs! The address to send
to for any discussion, announcements, etc., is instead the following:
This address should come up automatically in most mailers, when you
hit "Reply" on an observing post. But sometimes, especially if you
choose "Reply All" instead of "Reply", BOTH addresses may be added.
Just remove 'netastrocatalog', leaving 'netastrocatalog-announce'.
(What happens when people send "chat" emails to the 'netastrocatalog'
address, is that they end up in our observing archive - which is con-
fusing for our archive users, and unfortunately hard for me to fix.)
Thanks again for all the great observations you choose to share with
us - I hope we continue to see both more logs AND more discussions!
Clear skies,
Lew Gramer
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