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I just bought my grandson a pair of Tasco 7x35 $19.00 binoculars. He will be seven years old but he will see the heavens with HIS binoculars. Not a bad investment. 
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Tal Mentall wrote:
>Your observation with the 8x25s interested me. I just purchased a pair of
>Bushnell 10x25s at Target over the weekend. They were on sale for $14.77
>for Father's Day. I've been interested in getting a pair of small binoculars
>ever since I was proofreading our new book, Deep-Sky Wonders, and found that
>Walter Scott Houston regularly used a pair of opera glasses and other tiny
>binoculars to check out various objects.
>The first pair that I got about a year ago didn't have a diopter correction
>for the right lens, which made them useless for me, so I returned them. The
>ones that I got at Target DO have a focusing right eyepiece, center focus,
>interpupillary adjustment, and roof prisms. Interestingly, the center focus
>moves the objectives back and forth instead of the eyepieces. Never seen
>that before. The binoculars are rubberized, and nicely made. Made in China.

Thanks for the note on the 10x25s, Tal. They sound like a wonderful,
inexpensive way to "always have optics on hand". The fact that Walter
Scott Houston found "simple" small bincoulars handy for his own deep-
sky observing, should be a clear indication to all "serious amateurs",
that they really are useful to have in your observing kit.

>Incidentally, M39 is north of the Swan's tail, or the top of the Northern
>Cross. Albireo is the Swan's head.

Thanks for catching that, Tal! It's always been easy for me to forget, and
mislabel the "head of the cross" as the "head of the swan"! Maybe that is
because Cygnus's neck has always seemed so improbably long to me, that it's
hard to keep the true mythical image in the mind's eye when looking at it.
Maybe I've just never spent enough time around long-necked swans? :)

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

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