RE: (IAAC) Re: Obj: M39 - Inst: 8x25 handheld binoculars

Tal Mentall wrote:
>Your observation with the 8x25s interested me. I just purchased a pair of
>Bushnell 10x25s at Target over the weekend. They were on sale for $14.77
>for Father's Day. 
I recently purchased small binoculars at the other end of the price scale, the
Canon 10 X 30 imaged stabilized binos. I got these, frankly, because I could not
afford any of Canon's larger versions, which are much more expensive. I found
them new on E-bay for $310 (buy it now!) and I could not be happier with them.
Although they are pretty small, the active stabilization feature makes them
perform as though the optics were bigger. Hundreds of objects are detectable
with these little guys, including many galaxies. I am actually glad I didn't get
the bigger ones, because I wanted them strictly for hand-held purposes, and
these are nearly perfect in that respect. If I want to use my big binos, I mount
them to my couch-potato binocular chair, for ultimate comfort in big binocular
usage. But that's another story.
\Paul Alsing
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