(IAAC) PLEASE NOTE: The IAAC is MOVING to 'atmob.org'!

Please note that within the next hour or so, the IAAC will be rehosting
to our new (temporary) home on the email domain 'atmob.org'. This means
that you will need to use new addresses to reach our list! PLEASE change
all Address Books and aliases files to reflect the following NOW:
For posting *observing logs*, please send email to:
For posting *ANYTHING ELSE BUT LOGS*, please send email to:
And if you have problems with the lists, please email me PRIVATELY at:
Or if that fails, then try my DIRECT ADDRESS at:
Digest readers should note and save all of the above addresses as well.
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@atmob.org>
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