Very soon now (perhaps within hours), our home on 'jovian.com' will cease to
exist... At that time, these three mailing lists will be unavailable for a
period of time. But do not despair, dear readers!
We have in place replacement hosts for all three lists, already configured to
replace the jovian.com service, and containing archive versions of every post
on these lists - at least up through the last quarter hour or so!
So at the point when these new host configurations come on line (hopefully in
the next three or four days at most), you will receive email FROM THE MAILING
LISTS, informing you of our new home. At that time, please do the following:
1) Note the ADDRESS USED to post to. (For example, it *may* be of the form
"nsaac@nsaac.org" for the nsaac list.) This is the address which YOU will
be sending mail to, FROM THEN ON, if you wish to post to that list!
2) Once you've noted down the new list address, go into your mail reader,
and CHANGE ANY ALIASES (or address book entries) related to that list! In
this way, you won't experience any interruption in your ability to post.
3) Subscribers to our Digest versions will of course be receiving their
Digests somewhat later on that day. Both of the above actions apply for
Digest readers who wish to post as well.
4) IF YOU WISH TO UNSUBSCRIBE (or change your subscription), you will also
need to note down the new DOMAIN to send such requests to. For the 'nsaac'
list for example, this *may* be of the form 'majordomo@nsaac.org'.
If you have any questions about any of this, contact me PRIVATELY at:
PS: Until you begin receiving errors, you may continue to post to (or try
to change your subscription status at) the "jovian.com" addresses.
Clear skies all! Let's hope our move to the new home is quick and seamless.
Lew Gramer
To UNSUBSCRIBE from the 'netastrocatalog' lists, use the Web form at: