Re: (IAAC) Condensation on the primary was Creating a detailed deep-sky log... (LONG)

Although I use Kendrick dew heaters and some homemade ones as well, I dont seem to have a problem with dew on my mirror. I have observed during some really soaking nights and my mirror stays dry. I have a fan on the back that I run to cool the mirror down for about 30 minutes, but after that the only dew I get is on the Rigel quik finder and my 8X50 finder. My EP's tend to get a little wet, so I have a reserve Kendrick heater to wrap around my EP's in case of extra dew, but I keep them in an EP case with the lid closed when not using them. I think the most annoying dew is on my commercial cats perch chair when I go and sit on it if I leave it for very long while charting some objects.
Dave Aucoin
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>Me too!!!! My scope, books, seat, and the kitchen sink too!! soaked!
>Kim Gowney.
I would be very interested to hear how people deal with the condensation
that forms on the primary mirror when the telescope is brought in after an
observing session ( those who, like me, lack an outside observatory
building). I get the impression that the larger drops leave a faint deposit
or discolouration on the mirror surface.
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